Connecting to FSATC


Download, install, and then run JoinFS, available here.

FS2020, P3D, & FSX users must first install SimConnect v10.0.61259.0. Click here to download.

If your sim is already open before running, JoinFS should connect automatically. In X-Plane a flight needs to be loaded before connecting. In the other sims, it can connect after the main loading screen.

Otherwise, click the 'Simulator' button when your sim is running.

If using X-Plane, you must first enable it and install the Plugin & C++ redistributable from the settings page. Additional configuration may be required. See here.

The first time you run JoinFS you must select your model matching for each aircraft type (SingleProp, TwinProp, Airliner, etc...).

In order to connect to fsATC, click on View -> Public Hubs. This will pull up a list of public sessions.

Scroll down to the fsATC entry and add it to your bookmarks (optional). Right click on it and click "Join".

Your "Network" button should now be green and you are now connected.

In order to be properly identified by ATC, select "File -> Settings" and change your Nickname to your aircraft callsign.

Use the same callsign when filing your flight plan.









1) No extra software (besides an ATC Client) is needed to connect to the server!

2) For VRC:

3) Open VRC or EuroScope and load your desired profiles/preferences/sectors/asr files/etc.

4) For VRC:

    For ES:

5) Enter the following information:

6) Click Connect.

7) That's it! You should note "Connected" at the top of your radar client.

Happy controlling!